Division of Property and Debts

Under the Marital Property Act, marital property consists of family assets that a married couple acquired either before or during the marriage. Family assets include property owned by one or both spouses and are ordinarily used by them and their children while they are living together for shelter or transportation, or for household, educational, recreational or social purposes.

The most common types of marital property are the marital home or homes, household goods, money, personal investments, pension plans or retirement funds, automobiles and recreational vehicles.

I can guide you through some of the following issues:

  • Interim payment of household expenses;
  • Division of household content;
  • The marital home;
  • Wedding and Engagement rings;
  • Pension plans and Retirement Accounts;
  • Family Pets;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Debts;
  • Vehicles;
  • Gifts and inheritance;
  • Shares in a corporation.

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