I am passionate about family law and committed to my clients. I empower my clients with solutions. You can count on my experience, perseverance, innovation, and talent. 


Céline's path to becoming a sought-after family law lawyer was no accident. She is passionate about family law because she always had a profound interest in understanding how individuals interact and grow through adversity. Being dynamic, practical, and focused, her goal is to guide her clients and see them rise from a difficult situation towards a positive conclusion.

"When your family is in a crisis, or when your financial security is in jeopardy, it can seem like your world or your sense of security is broken into millions of pieces. You may feel scared, confused, or even angry. It is difficult to make decisions at your most vulnerable time. I take my clients, my job, and my reputation seriously. I care and I want to help. My compassion for my clients is why I do what I do.”

Family law matters are complex. Various intertwined legal issues are often involved in one single case, combined with difficult emotional components. This difficult combination is what drives Celine's dedication and motivation.

Celine's focus is always "what legal strategy fits best this one particular client”. Her approach is a combination of in-depth study of each individual situation, conscientious understanding of clients' needs, and diligent attention to details to obtain results and closure for her clients.

She's not afraid of a challenge and has impressive out-of-court negotiation skills, resulting in settlements. She's convincing and meticulous with her work, being a skilled litigator with extensive court experience at the trial and appeal level since 2000. She's a businesswoman and an experienced lawyer. She's also a wife and a mother of two children.

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Family Law practiced with passion, truth, integrity, and commitment.